Wednesday, September 9, 2009

bringing the sunshine!

In honor of Fall, I decide to do a Fantabulous-Fall post!
Here are the things I adore about fall!

1) Cardigans. I can just throw on a cardigan and be out the door- it's effortless, but always chic!

2) TIGHTS! They are oh-so-warm, oh-so-cute, and can be used to dress down an outfit, or dress it up! Excited to find some fun colored tights this fall!

3) CLEMSON FOOTBALL. I love putting on a sundress, tailgating all day long, then seeing my Tigers take the field! It is my definition of a perfect Fall Saturday!

4) Tri Hi Y begins! T.H.Y is a service organization for girls at three highschools in my town. We take part in service projects all over our town- raising money for charities such as Breast Cancer Awareness. We also have a winter dance where the girls ask the guys! It is always memorable. I am President of my highschool's chapter this year, and we are going to have a BLAST! Can't wait to share pictures from events with all of you!:)

5) Orange leaves! Seems a little cliche, but you KNOW you love them too!

6) Grabbing a cup of coffee before school. It jump starts my day.. and I love the festive flavors that Starbucks releases! Fall in a cup!

7) Grey's Anatomy RETURNS! Oh.. don't act like you aren't ecstatic as well!

I could only muster up seven things I truly adore about fall.. I suppose I will always be a southern girl craving the summertime! I suppose I'll throw on my cardigan, jeans & pearls and bring the sunshine to a drab season!

All my love,

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Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Could not agree more with your list, cardis and tights! I love fall!