Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shine Him bright.

"You may be the only Jesus that someone sees, so shine Him bright"

Here I am, a few days away from starting my senior year of highschool. This year, nerves aren't a big deal. I am not quite a nervous wreck about my outfit for the first day, nor am I worried about my classes I have been given. No, I have a bigger concern on my heart. A concern that I have been wrestling with all summer.. especially during the past week or so.

I have listened to my youthpastor talk to the upcoming seniors every year before their senior year. They are told that they are now leaders. They are told to set an example, to step up. While those things are tres important- the final word that we are left with every year before school starts is what is vital and what has been getting to me- at my core. "This is your last year with most of the people in your highschool. Don't waste it- you could quite possibly be the ONLY glimpse of Jesus they have seen- or will ever see"

Those words have been spoken over me countless times at the beginning of school years, and sprinkled throughout the year. I have always taken them lightly because I knew that I had four years left in highschool. Four quickly turned into three- and three suddently turned into two. Now.. it's me. One more year with the people that I have loved, lost, argued with, competed for grades with, danced with, laughed with and cried with. I have one more year.

So, this summer.. that has been weighing heavy on my heart. I don't have time to be silly. I don't have time to hurt feelings, or argue. It's time to love. It's time to look past all the flaws that I seem to point out in others. It's time to stop worrying about "me" and drop worry completely. I firmly believe that God places you where you are called to serve. Right now, I have been placed at my highschool, my church and my home. That means my highschool is my main mission field. I may not be sleeping in a tent in Africa, or praying with a tribe in South America, but my mission has no less importance in the eyes of God. I've been called to love.

Two (ish) weeks ago, I was told that a classmate of mine had been killed in a car crash. This classmate was precious. He had a sweet smile and personality that I will never, ever be able to forget. Him leaving us really put these words on my heart.. "Love with Urgancy" I have heard to LIVE with urgancy.. but I completely, wholeheartedly believe that God is begging us to LOVE with urgancy as well. I am praying for a heart that loves everyone- and I know that God is molding me. It's my last year.. so it's time to shine.


Domestic Diva said...

New Follower! Just found your blog... via summer wind!! Love it. I look forward to following!!
Have a fabulous day!! xxx me

Kerry said...

I totally understand what your saying, I decided to just stop worrying so much about everything and relax a bit senior year. Of course, I was stressed like crazy about college and all of my APs, but with my friends, I just kind of let things happen. I found that senior year, a lot of people change, you lose some friends, you keep many, and you make friendships with people you never thought you could get along with. The best advice I could give you is to just have fun with the people that make you feel great, and don't stress too much about the future,under God's eye, everything works out anyway!