Monday, August 17, 2009

Love them like Jesus.

Day one of senior year: check. Honestly, it's just a tad bit weird to say that! I pulled into my nice front row parking spot (oh, the senior perks!) this morning, got out my car, took pictures with the girls to mark the first day, and then started the walk into school laughing all the way with my sisters. This year it was all a little different.. a little unexplainable. I walked up, looked into the eyes of freshman who were freaking out- both on the inside and outside and smiled. I could help but to feel like I should still be in ninth grade. I remember the first day of ninth grade clearly- I was excited and nervous all at the same time. I spent forever picking out an outfit, hours getting things organized & too much time on my hair. Everything had to be picture perfect. This year.. I put on what I liked, got ready, came to school and expected the best. This year holds the promise of alot of excitement. Football games, the last Tri Hi Y dance, prom, girls nights, Clemson games, Citadel games, beach trips, concerts.. I get all bubbly just thinking about it!

Last night, I sat down on my bed to have my quiet time, and I was blessed continously by God's word. I dedicated the night to prayer for the younger girls in my youthgroup- they were really put on my heart. I prayed for some girls just starting highschool- that they won't chase after the late night parties or the sleazy guys. I prayed for girls about to graduate highschool- that they would stay strong and continue to love Jesus with a passion. I prayed for the girls that are starting junior high- that they would pick their friends prayerfully and carefully- and not settle for anything less. Lastly, I prayed that I wouldn't lose sight of why I'm at my school- which is to show people Christ's love. To say the least, my date with God was full of love.. I wish I could put it into words, but it was just beautiful. I cannot WAIT to see how the girls I prayed for show Jesus to a hurting school.. to hurting friends, teachers and enemies. God is going to do something big through them, along with the sweet boys that have chosen to chase after Him. I cannot wait to see what happens.. this year is bound to make or break alot of people. I pray that people will be made whole, finally. I pray that I can show Christ through a few words, a hug or a smile. I prayed for boldness, loudness and open-ness.

So.. here's to senior year. It's going to be the time of our lives.. I can feel it. Sometimes knowing that this is the beginning of the end pushes me fifty times harder to start loving on people. The truth is, that is something I should have been passionately pursuing since I stepped foot into WFHS. I'm having to remind myself that it doesn't MATTER who the person is, I need to show everyone my Savior. Hhmmh. It's time to love like Jesus.


xoxo sarahbeth said...

I love this mantra and attitude and applaud you for taking your relationship with Christ to the next level! I'm highly inspired and impressed!

here we go again said...

sounds like a great first day of school! hope mine goes as well as yours :)

KAC said...

Senior year is so exciting...I had such a great time! Enjoy it because as fast as high school goes college goes even faster...crazy! Have a great start to the year!