Monday, June 22, 2009

Why am I bursting with excitement?!

Oh, what a lovely and beautiful day! Before I head out to lay by the pool for the afternoon, I figured I'd share some things that I am excited about this week! Why not? :)

I got this precious Vera tennis bag for a tiny $10!
Really! It was an exciting day.

Student Life Camp! A few (around fifty) friends of mine and I are going to Cleveland, TN to experience Student Life camp. This is an awesome ministry that we have been a part of for quite a few years. This year, we will be venturing out into the city during the day and leading a Vacation Bible School for children in a low-income neighborhood. I am teaching crafts, which I am so excited about! At night, we will take part in worship with the rest of the camp and listen to a speaker sharing God's word. I am beyond excited! Pray for us?

and of COURSE, wearing as much pink & green as possible! I mean, it wouldn't be a southern summer if Lilly and VV weren't worn on a daily basis!

Go dance in God's light today! He's lighting up the sky for you to dance under, you know! LOTS of xo's to YOU, whoeveryouare!

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