Friday, June 5, 2009

Popsicles&Wedding Plans

"He will have dark hair & dark eyes. Wait, scratch that.. he'll have blue eyes. He will be taller than me with a lovely smile. He will be a dreamer. He will be passionate. He will have a love for Christ like I have. Okay.. now where is he?"

Oh, how we've all had those thoughts. Since we were little girls, we have all dreamt of who we'd end up with. As little girls, we'd put on our mommy's high heels, grab our BFFs and have a wedding in the backyard. We'd then sit down at the kitchen table with popsicles and plan out our futures.. where we'd live, what we'd do, how many babies we'd have.. Everything was planned by age 8.

This isn't a topic I frequent on my blog, but a friend and I had a conversation yesterday on our Prince Charmings. She came to me with questions... "Should I be looking for him? Should I stop searching? Should I just sit back and let things happen?"

Honestly, we can all say.. 'I'm not looking for my prince, he will just appear at the right time'. But.. we will always dream, we will always wonder. Should we?

A few years ago, I was told to start praying for my future spouse. I was told to pray for him to find a love for Christ like I have found.. so I told my sweetfriend to do the same. We're always told.. "He might not be the right guy, but God has the PERFECT one picked out for you!" As girls, we have all heard this.. time and time again. After every heartbreak, someone meets us with those words. The truth is, we have to take them to heart. Our Christ has a man with a heart for Him that is dreaming about us too.

At age 10, we all longed for a boyfriend. We all daydreamed about the man riding on his white horse and sweeping us away.. and most of us still dream that to this day. But, while you're waiting patiently, there is a lovely Man waiting patiently for YOU.

"The King is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your Lord."- Psalm 45:11

Here is my challenge to you.. Dance with Christ. Let Him take your hand and lead you across the ballroom floor. He will lead you into beauty.. into wonder. And, when the time is right, He will let your Prince Charming cut in.

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