Friday, April 10, 2009

He stepped in.

I am sitting here & my heart is positively aching. It is aching for this world. It is aching for my school. It is aching for my friends. It is aching for myself.

A few minutes ago, I stopped for a second because my mind was full of
"Your Lord was dying on a cross this time thousands of years ago"
That thought floored me.

As I sit and think back on the last few weeks.. I start to really realize how much I COULD have done for Christ. I realize moments where I should have reached out, and moments where I should have shut up.

But, to make up for us feeling "guilty", the world gives us many excuses to use. "You are human", "You are NEVER going to be perfect". The more I hear those excuses, the more I get disgusted by them. As a Daughter of Christ, I am supposed to strive for perfection in His eyes. I am supposed to be taken OUT of this world.. because I don't belong in it.

So, as I sit in a state of prayer, I beg you to thank your father. He didn't HAVE to send his precious son. He didn't HAVE to let Him die a horrible and painful death on a cross.. but He did. He did because He is so in love with YOU that he HAD to step in and do something. He wants EVERYONE in His kingdom.

Sit at your Father's feet & apologize. Praise Him. Thank Him. Be in AWE of Him.

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