Friday, January 9, 2009

Just another Fabu Friday..

So, Today.. Friday.. I love Fridays. Today was no exception.

So.. I got to first block, find out that my quiz was CANCELLED. (YAY!!). The quiz that I attempted to study for whilst watching Tim Tebow run around. So yeah. You could take a gander on how THAT went.

Then.. I find out that YES- I DID exempt English. What a fabulous relief. Upon finding this out.. I called the madre, got signed out via phone, and went home for a few hours. It was nice to rest and take it easy. I went back for fourth block, got out, and here I am.

Now.. I'm fixing to go have some dinner with Caro, have some girl talk, then get ready & go to Chad's for his birthday.

I hope that today you saw God. Actually- I KNOW you SAW God.. But did you recognize Him? I hope that you looked at things a little different- through God's eyes. Have a fabulous, lovely and sunny weekend! [And I don't just mean the sunshine! Make things bright!]

XoXo, that girl flitting around in the sundress.

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