Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Comfy Sunday..

So.. It's no fun being sick. Yesterday, I woke up feeling horrible. Quesy, Achy.. all of it. I ended up getting sick & staying miserable until this morning. Thankfully, I'm feeling mucho better.. Just in time to get ready for WINTER RETREAT!!

For the past two years (or three?) I have boarded a bus to get away for a few days during Christmas Break with the CRASH. Usually, wherever we go, it's chilly, and we get to hangout in PJs and sweatpants for a few days.. Concentrating on each other & our Lord! It's been a fabu experience every year for me. Every single year, I've brought something new home with me. Last year, I remember being SO convicted to come home and go to WF to be a light for God to EVERY single person there. I love when I feel God pulling at the strings in my heart & trying to get my attention... It's the best feeling EVER!! I've had some amazing memories during W.R. My roomates have been awesome each year, the first year, Court, Samantha, Krissy, Kali, Alli T & I were in a room.. can you say.. crazy?! Second year.. Katherine, Liz, Em, Alimat & I .. again.. crazy! Those girls have touched my heart is so many special ways... and they've made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurt for hours! I love my friends.. but I have to say, our friendship would NOT be the same if God wasn't woven into it.

I'm so blessed.. and SO THANKFUL. Love on someone today :] Xs & Os..
but before I go.. Here's some pics from past W.R's!! Gooooooooodtimes..


Michael Lotts said...

Lauren, I can't believe you put up that awful picture of me! We did have a good time! Climbing a mountain and all was a blast! Can't wait to see what we have coming this time!

Lauren Kirven said...

Ha HA!! I know.. The Pic is awful of me too.. But SUCH good times!! I can't wait to go on Friday!!